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Social Development Research & Consultancy
Patners & associates

Partners & clients

1.     UP Industrial Consultants Limited

Enrolment agency for UIDAI

2.     Sunai Consultants Private Limited

Inclusive education

3.     Development alternatives

Micro-credit, rural development & employment

4.     NABARD Consultancy Services (NABCONS)

Monitoring & Evaluation/ Organizational Development studies

5.     BIRD

Social development consultancy

6.     NALANDA

Inclusive education

7.     Triline Infotech

ICT partner

8.     NR Management/ International

Nodal agency for Rural employment program

9.     DamasInfo Limited

ICT partner

10.  Inclusive Constitution

Financial technology and products

11.  DamasInfo Limited

ICT partner

12.  Midas Infrastructure

Corporate Social responsibility

PROACT has forged partnerships with few of the above agencies – purely on project to project basis. The rest are consistent partners along distinct role-verticals.




Sector(s)/ programs

Nature of assignments

Government, public sector units, government undertakings & corporations

Governments of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Jharkhand and Bihar, NABARD and its subsidiaries, Govt. of  India PSUs and Corporations of Govt. of UP, and the Chief Minister’s Office (Govt. of UP)

The  assignments are around -

§ Livelihoods & rural employment, agriculture & watershed development

§ Drinking water supply,

§ Child protection

§ Urban development

§ Innovation in disaster response

§ 9 years out of PROACT’s total life of 12 years; it carried out assignments related to M&E;

§ Nodal implementation agency

§ Study/ evaluations, sector assessments & OD; and

§ Baseline, survey & TNA

§ State support unit – nodal agency for CSO-based implementation facilitation

§ Operational research on innovations along disaster response

Multilateral and bilateral organizations

Department for International Development (DFID) and UNICEF

§ Education,

§ Civil registration system,

§ Decentralized model district plan,

§ Entitlement of the poor, &

§ Rural employment

§ M&E and Supportive supervision/ program management consultant;

§ Study;

§ Nodal implementation agency

Corporate organizations

Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and Locus Analytics

§ Inclusive education

§ Operation research

§ Program review

§ Industrial coding of products and functions of cluster economies in India

International NGOs & trusts

CARE India, Kusuma Foundation, OXFAM India

§ Livelihood;

§ Education (inclusive education, secondary & vocational education & employability);

§ Reproductive health;

§ Disaster management;

§ Program strategy & scoping study;

§ Rapid needs assessment;

§ Process documentation;

§ Baseline and end-line evaluation;

§ Longitudinal study



§ Inclusive education;

§ Reproductive health;

§ Livelihoods, &

§ Organizational development

§ Study, Rapid needs assessment;

§ OD diagnostic

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