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Social Development Research & Consultancy
About us
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PROACT consists of a sleek core multi-disciplinary professional base - the expertise at the apex level includes competence in key social sectors such as education, health, livelihoods and range of poverty issues. Sound on the perspectives, policies and plans of government initiatives : from national flagship programs to specific sector initiatives by few State Governments, PROACT is known for bringing cutting edge strategic and ICT-based solutions in program implementation and workflow management. A small team of ICT professionals clubbed with sector experts render creative inputs to shape its professional assignments and determine results as perceived by its clients. Few of our key assignments (separate domain) provide brief account of professional teams engaged with PROACT.


 Based in Lucknow, State capital of Uttar Pradesh, India, PROACT has strong organizational presence in neighbouring states of Jharkhand and Bihar along with a robust network of development professionals and organizations.

Since its inception, PROACT pursued a pro-poor agenda in social development consultancy as its core professional value. PROACT’s assignments so far, irrespective of sectoral and thematic affiliations, considered poverty parameters as central to its methodology and approach. Reaching the remotest pockets, seeking to learn the views of the extreme poor, appreciating the constraints faced by the poorest of communities have always been non-negotiable as approach to its functions.

Consistent proximity to the poorest communities of North India enabled PROACT witness and learn intricate dynamics in the poor’s lives. Where and how they live, how they manage their day to day living, what and how much do they eat – have always been pertinent to PROACT’s professional discourse.


While performing its professional mandates, PROACT never missed on such key poverty parameters – pursued and persisted with its clients for considered cognizance.


Emotionally too, PROACT registered its professional journey through impulses and frustrations – thereby striving even harder in attaining results that impact the lives of the extreme poor. 


Through its varied assignments _ from research, study to piloting implementation of poverty alleviating projects _ PROACT eventually benefitted hugely from understandings of nuances of poverty such gains from real-life professional assignments.

While engaging with its partners, the reference communities and clients, PROACT learnt rather spontaneously the deep meaning of various of nomenclatures defining extreme poverty. Landlessness, distressed migration, acute obscurity in living conditions and the nature treating the poor harsher than the ordinary community – defined the volumes of poverty that exist in North India states, especially in states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand - - PROACT undergoing an active and dynamic experience through its very rich professional discourse.


As an organization dealing the issue of poverty cutting through sectors such as education, livelihoods, natural resource management, health and disaster management, PROACT know can impeccably place its professional experiences to correct theories and relevant empirical evidences.
Ability to interface with the poor demands sharp learning competence. Set of cognitive, oratory and analytical skills just don’t suffice. Attitude, appreciation for the spirit that poor carry in battling extreme poverty, unnatural circumstances on a daily basis, brings in profession the completeness to deal with the poverty issues. PROACT institutionally does not just promote them in its team; rather, it facilitates its members to imbibe such professional qualities for their functional lives forever; within or beyond the scope of working with PROACT.
Engaging community in appraising about interventions made by the governments is critical. Tools, applications and distinct approaches are critical that enable communities to reflect and respond to the needs of their own solutions. PROACT leads such innovative ideas, contemplates methodological steps, designs workflows and applies them to bring right responses.
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